Mario Kart 7

Nintendo’s position as the best portable games console developer in the world has been reaffirmed with the exceptional Mario Kart 7, which is another racing video game released in December 2011.

mario-kart7-logoThe Mario Kart franchise keeps evolving. With the plethora of previous Mario Karts who know how to create excitment, madness and magic, the new Mario Kart 7 bilds on those core experiences and simply just takes that to a new level.

The small enhancements made to the blueprint serve to distinguish number 7 from its forerunners and make it reasonably the most fully-formed Mario Kart game yet.

One can find new kart abilities to inject even more fun in the game. An example of this are the big jumps when the kart deploys a wing to allow gliding over the track shortcut. For underwater endeavours, a propellor simply pops out to assist the kart across the seabed.

mario-kart7-play2People can now choose to race as one of the seventeen Mushroom Kingdom characters or as their Mii character. The characters are split into distinct load classes, which affect their driving style. They can also customise their vehicles in their own stylewith accessories giving them a competitive advantage. A few examples of this are the giant tires, that assist a kart in driving off-road, or the small tires that accelerate speedily on paved tracks. Players can also make use of the hand-gliding attachments as well as the ability to drive in first person. Mario Kart 7 presents us with 32 different tracks consisting of 16 tracks that are exclusive to the game, fun and well designed and another 16 classic tracks that are regenerated tracks found in previous versions. Each race is made up of three laps round the circuit, apart from 3 tracks that are done in just one lap. Racing always was and still feels great— the push of a mushroom, or the spirited sensation of a power-slide, the gratification of a suitably lined-up turtle-shell stab. The blue turtle shells still are cheapish and could possible make you want to discard your 3DS in disgruntlement, but the game’s hasty pace makes it hard and close to impossible to feel upset for long. The game now supports SpotPass and Streetpass features and players have the possibility to compete in local wireless games and even online.mario-kart7-play

It is the second 3DS game to sell over 5 million units after Super Mario 3D Land, and at 9.62 million copies sold as of March 2014, it is the second best-selling 3DS game of all time. Mario Kart 7 has also won a number of awards including IGN’s Editopr’s Choice and was nominated for “Best 3DS Game” and “Best Driving Game” at Game Trailers’ 2011 Game of the Year Awards.

In summary, Mario kart 7 is a highly polished portable creation of the Mario Kart vibe – that kinetic chaotic concoction or torpidity with a profusion of game modes that can be enjoyed solo, with friends or online. You will cheer and you will whine but most of all you will enjoy each moment of it!