Planes Fire and Rescue

Released towards the end of 2014, Planes: Fire and Rescue is a game based on the Disney hit film Planes, shockingly.

fire-resque-logoThe game has been developed and released by Little Orbit and as you would expect, is suitable for all ages with parental guidance. Players can embark on high flying fun as they soar through towering landscapes on daring fire and rescue emergency missions. As the story progresses, players will join the Piston Peak Air Attack Team to fight fires and rescue those in need of some serious help. Players will get to it as Dusty, the most famous of the characters in Planes, or one of another 8 playable characters, each with their own unique strengths and weaknesses. The game play itself is sleek and varied but some of the tasks that players will undertake include scooping up water, dropping smokejumpers and bulldozing debris in an effort to control all manner of fires including wild forest fires.

The landscape through which the game takes place is breathtaking and when you couple this with the excellent and engrossing soundtrack it makes for a game that is not only a pleasure to play, but also a treat for the senses. For those players who want to hone their skills, on top of the normal game play mode Fire and Rescue, there is a training academy mode giving players a chance to practice those aerial maneuvers and techniques. Players can enjoy working their way through 12 story missions and over 30 training academy missions as planes, helicopters and ground vehicles and as they progress through these missions players can earn their wings and others awards to move them up the rankings.

fire-resque-playThe game captures some of the magic that was Planes the movie by using fantastic visual effects, made even more fantastic by the 3D visualizations made possible by the Nintendo 3DS’s Parallax screen. The planes really do feel as though they are jumping out of the screen in some of the story missions. Obviously, with a game entitled Planes: Fire and Rescue, the best part of the game is the flying missions, the ground missions, whilst good, do lack some of the excitement offered in the missions up in the clouds. That being said, the developers have added some nice features into the ground based missions to keep things fresh.

In conclusion, Planes: Fire and Rescue is a solid addition to the action adventure game genre and one that will certainly keep players amused for hours at a time. The backdrop and general look of the game is fantastic and the storyline is rich and fulfilling. There are a couple of different game modes to get stuck into and a solid range of different characters to play as. Definitely give the less well known characters a good run for their money as they offer up some real surprises. So don the flying goggles and the breathing apparatus because it’s time to go and save some lives in Planes: Fire and Rescue.