Safari Quest

Safari Quest is a new entrant to the puzzle game genre pool and this one, unsurprisingly is based around the idea of going on safari in a make believe, but not particularly detached, country called Africania. Laziness springs to mind. That aside though, the game is well designed and operates very smoothly and sleekly with a good selection of games and challenges.

safari-quest-logoThe publisher, Maximum Games, and the developers, rokapublish GmbH, have managed to cram 10 different puzzle filled levels into this game platform, each with an entirely different and entirely lush landscape.

The format of all of the games and puzzles in Safari Quest is a match 3 formula which is nothing new and very familiar to players of this long established game genre. The game is played using both the buttons and joystick as well as the stylus, or if that has found its way to the back of the sofa somehow, like most of them do, then a finger works just as well. Using the stylus gives the game a bit of a puzzle book feel but obviously with infinitely more animation and colourful interactions.

There are 100 levels for players to work through so certainly no shortage of levels, and these get progressively more difficult and time consuming as levels are knocked off, so the time that needs to be invested into this game to complete it is considerable.

safari-quest-lookObviously this game doesn’t really have a narrative or a storyline but there is an overbearing objective for players to strive towards, the search for the illusive and illustrious white lion. Working through all of the levels is how players will come across the white lion and it signifies the completion of the game. However, that doesn’t mean that’s the end of the fun. Players can then start again and try and beat their high scores on each of the levels.

The graphics and animations are good enough for a game of this type, let’s face it, the graphics and animations don’t have to be groundbreaking for a match 3 puzzle game as there isn’t that much dynamic going on, however, that doesn’t mean that developers should slack off and create something that looks dull and dreary and it’s safe to say that rokapublish haven’t disappointed on that front. The graphics are clear and bright and they really do add something to what otherwise could be a fairly dull game.safari-quest-big-play

All in all, Safari Quest is a good attempt at a match 3 puzzle game, a market that is probably about as saturated as any other. The lack of storyline does somewhat let the game down but if gamers are looking for a great narrative, the match 3 gaming genre probably isn’t the one to focus efforts on. The game play is exciting and quite lengthy considering the price tag and the graphics and backgrounds definitely add a certain level of interest to the game to keep players coming back for more and more.