Secret Journeys: Cities of the World

Fancy a bit of an explore? Well, you’re in luck.

secret-of-cities-logoDuring the adventure players will visit Venice, Mumbai, Beijing and Nairobi in the pursuit of clues and mysterious hidden objects. The game goes into pretty decent depth throughout giving players the chance to search for over 1000 cleverly hidden objects in streets, buildings, major landmarks, indoors, outdoors and pretty much anywhere possible. Not to leave it at that, the developers have also included a particularly challenging tile slide puzzle at each location. There are two modes of play; casual, which is for when players simply want to chill out and have a good old search, and timed, which is where players can test themselves against the clock and compete against their friends to see who has the fastest Sherlock-like investigative qualities.

secret-of-cities-playSecret Journeys: Cities of the World uses the dual screen nature of the Nintendo 3DS very well with an excellent quality picture of the larger location on the top screen and an equally excellent zoomed in portion of the overall picture on the bottom screen. Players have 5 stages to work their way through at each location so this certainly isn’t a particularly long or time consuming game to complete, but that’s not what the idea of search and find games is really. The main draw of such games should be the visualization of an exotic location which, at the very most is educational and at the very least should be reasonably inspiring and pleasing to look at. Secret Journeys: Cities of the World certainly delivers on this point, perhaps not educationally as there isn’t really any text accompaniment of any substance to the locations but the locations are certainly beautiful to look at and this is a pleasure in itself. The graphics that are overlaid on the pictures are equally as excellent and the little animation that is present in the game is smooth and sleek.

Overall, Secret Journeys: Cities of the World is a good search and discover adventure game. It has fantastic locations that look great and a very large number of items to find. The game manages to incorporate both screens seamlessly but the 3D effect at times feels a bit weak, which is a shame as with a game of this format the 3D effects could have been superb. The choice of game mode; casual and timed, really do add an interesting dimension to the game that is often not present in other hide and seek style games. Definitely a game that could be played for hours and hours, but probably not played again because let’s face it, players will have found everything.Screen-Shot-2012-11-05-at-3.51