Street Fighter 2010: The Final Fight

Street Fighters 2010: The Final Fight is a not long awaited but very eagerly anticipated return by the gaming behemoth that is the Street Fighter franchise.

street-fighter-2010-final-fight-logoReleased in September 2014 by the absolute gaming software colossus, Capcom, this proves to be an awfully big grenade being thrown into what is an already very full gaming genre and marketplace. A tasty launch indeed.

The game takes place in what is amusingly, the distant future or 2010. Still waiting for those hover cars science, just give us a ring when they’re ready. Ken, the iconic street fighter character is now a toughened, biologically enhanced space explorer who sets off on a mission to save his friend Troy, only to find that Troy is in fact not really Troy any more but instead a quivering pile of biological jelly. Nice!

This somewhat bizarre and unexpected beginning seems to set the tone for the storyline for the rest of the game. The narrative makes very little sense from start to finish but this may have something to do with the game being adapted to include Ken, for the Western market. The storyline isn’t really what players have continuously returned to the Street Fighter franchise for though is it? No, players love Street Fighter because the game play is all action thrills from start to finish. Ken battles his way from planet to planet, defeating all manner of different creatures and aliens along the way, although not with the signature moves from the hay days. Instead of these moves though, Ken can shoot in many directions and is particularly agile, jumping from platform to platform with ease and doing back and front flips off of walls and ledges. It’s kind of like Street Fighter with some very basic Assassins Creed slipped in there as well. Running along walls and sliding along poles and such, it’s probably not the Street Fighter players are used to but that’s not to say it’s not as good. It’s arguably better. Battling through different levels rewards Ken with upgrades and different items that can give experience boosts.

sf2010The design of the game is not really in keeping with the original Street Fighter branding, if that makes sense? Whilst releases from this franchise in the past were bright and cartoony, this game takes on a much more sinister tone with dark backgrounds and dull neon features. The game plays well and the graphics are all very clear and precise, but it does miss something, especially when the sound produced by the Nintendo 3DS’s tiny speakers is not up to the normally epic standards of Capcom either.

The game play is excellent and players will certainly be hooked for that reason alone, so it doesn’t matter as much when the franchise don’t stick to their original winning formula for graphics and soundtrack. That being said though, the graphics are by no means bad, just different. Maybe nostalgia isn’t always the best way.