World Champion Poker, Deluxe Series

World Championship Poker: Deluxe Series aims to put the best bits of Atlantic City, Las Vegas and the Big Easy straight into the palm of player’s hands. Released by the publishing house Crave Entertainment in April 2005, this Nintendo 3DS game promised to be a welcome addition to the portable poker game marketplace.

poker-nintendodsPlayers can try their hat at a wide range of different poker games against an even wider selection of different opponents, each with their own set of tells and personalities for players to fathom and master. Opponents can be risk takers or risk averse, they can be hardnosed gamblers or decidedly aloof. If players aren’t having very much look at poker, World Champion Poker: Deluxe Series has, quite contrarily to its name, also got a selection of non poker games, including but not limited to video poker and blackjack.

This is definitely a game for the poker enthusiast as players can choose between twelve different poker games, among others Texas hold ‘em, Seven card stud, Omaha hold ‘em, Five card draw and baseball as well as others. You can jump straight into a quick play game meaning players can be up and running in no time, which really speeds up the game play and makes for a far more entertaining gaming experience. If players are looking for a longer gaming experience though then the career mode is the place to be. Players can progress from a rookie through to world champion and if players need it, there are some really good tutorials that can take players through the basics of the various poker games on offer in World Champion Poker: Deluxe Series.

poker-nintendods-playOne of the best features of World Champion Poker: Deluxe Series is the multiplayer game play. Here, players can challenge up to 6 of their mates by using the Nintendo 3DS’ wireless connectivity but the large number of potential opponents isn’t the most entertaining part of the multiplayer gaming. No, the most entertaining part is the ‘smack talk’ feature, where players can dish out competitive jibes to their multiplayer opponents to try and put them off their game. The graphics and animations are good considering the game was released in early 2005 and this really adds to the overall gaming experience.

Overall, Crave have done a cracking job on this version of World Champion Poker: Deluxe Series with a good selection of games and game modes, an enticing and interesting array of opponents, solid graphics and visuals and most importantly, a really fun multiplayer gaming experience that collectively create one of the best portable poker games available today. It can be easy to spend several hours battling against the pleasingly personable AI opponents or if they do eventually become a bit predictable, any one of the millions of gamers who happen to own World Champion Poker: Deluxe Series.wsop-currentgamescene1-525x350