World Poker Tour Texas Holdem

texas-holdem-logoReleased in May 2010, World Poker Tour Texas Hold ‘em is an offering from DSi ware and is ideal for anyone looking for a fairly simple and involving portable poker solution.

New players of this game won’t be left stumbling and confused too long as World Poker Tour Texas Hold ‘em is very similar to the televised tournaments that grace TV screens around the world on a regular basis, normally late at night. That being said, there is a fairly brief tutorial to explain to poker novices the general rules of the game and players can enter into novice tournaments to hone their skills.

texas-holdem-avatarUnlike some other poker games available on the market, World Poker Tour Texas Hold ‘em manages to create a personal feel to the game by prompting players to make their own avatar that is surprisingly customizable. When players own avatars are battling against the avatars of the game, which also have their own personalities the game has a very realistic and personal feel. The other players have traits such as being risk takers or risk averse, big money spenders and frugal players, amongst many others.

texas-holdem-menuThere are a whole host of different tournaments and game modes that players can choose from and they range from world tournaments to local tournaments and a massive number of different opponents to play. If you get bored of the computer generated opponents and the single player mode of this poker game, you can turn your hand to the multiplayer facets of this game and play against friends and colleagues to really test your poker skills in the real world.

The game play is reasonably smooth and pleasant but there are some very obvious mistakes and omissions that can detract from the game play somewhat. The main detraction being the fact that players cannot save their progress mid game. Whilst this may not seem like a massive issue initially, it does mean that players cannot simply pick up the game and play a few quick hands. Instead, the entire game has to be played to its conclusion or all progress is lost, which can become a tad annoying after a short while.texas-holdem-play

Perhaps making up for this shortcoming though are the very involving controls used to play the game. Everything you do is done by making swiping and dragging finger movements on the control pad, giving a real sense of actually being at a real poker table, moving chips around the cloth. The only issue is when you want to raise by a large amount, the finger swiping can become a tad tiring so maybe another way of doing this to supplement the finger swiping might have been a good idea.

All in all, World Poker Tour Texas Hold ‘Em is a solid addition to the portable poker game market but certainly not a perfect one. The game play is smooth and involving but perhaps some of the features, mainly around saving and progress, could have been better thought out.