WWE All Stars Nintendo 3DS Game

Ever wanted to feel like you were in the ring with your favorite WWE Superstars? Well, now is your chance! This video game will allow you to play as some of the most famous wrestling stars of all time. You can choose from John Cena, Rey Mysterio, Bret Hart, and more!

WWE All Stars Nintendo 3DS GameIf you are a fan of professional wrestling or just want something fun to do this summer then why not pick up the game and get ready for an epic battle.

Take your WWE action to the next level with high-flying, hard-hitting gameplay across generations. The intuitive controls and easy gameplay will let you jump in right away. With responsive arcade gameplay, enjoy a variety of grapples, attacks, killer combos and finishing maneuvers from all the Legends and Superstars for a competitive and fast paced gaming experience.

WWE All Stars for Nintendo 3DS is a fighting game with four different character classes. The Acrobat class has high agility and the ability to use weapons such as chairs and tables. The Big Man class is slow but powerful and has the ability to knock opponents out of the ring. The Brawler class uses grapples and grapples can be chained together to form combos. Grapplers have some of the best throws in WWE All Stars for Nintendo 3DS.

The game allows players to wrestle with WWE Legends and Superstars to determine the best of all time, each introduced by cinematic video packages featuring authentic WWE footage.

With a variety of characters to choose from, you can customize your character and challenge the game’s WWE Superstars and WWE Legends to see if he can become legendary.

If you don’t have a Nintendo 3DS system, you can still play the game. You can play WWE All Stars on your PSP and PlayStation Vita, and it’s also available for download on your Xbox 360.