Zero Escape

The full name of this game is Zero Escape: Virtue´s Last Reward. It has become very popular on the Nintendo 3DS and we are gonna tell you a little bit what you can expect from it. Its overall a bit of mystery game with a great story.

To start off we can mention that its a follow up game to a game called 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors. For anyone that tried that game before you will definitely recognize the style of the game in Zero Escape. Its actually even some parts in the game where they refer back to the previous game. Its however not necessary at all to have played the previous game to be able to enjoy this one.

The start of them game is totally amazing. Its really has a movie feeling to it in the beginning where the main character wakes up in a room. You are then told to participate in a game with some of the other people that are also prisoners. It then becomes a sneaky game where you have to figure out who you can trust and who you cant trust.

The intro to the game reminds me a bit of the movie “The Cube”. Its not a very famous movie but its about a few people that wake up inside a cube with no memory. They then have to figure out how to escape. In that process its a lot of trust issues between these “prisoners” and it really builds up to a great story. Just as Zero Escape does as well. I would be really interesting to know how much the game have been inspired by this old classic movie.

The name of your character in the game is Sigma. Its you and eight other people that wake up in this situation. The different tasks that you then need to solve often requires teamwork with some of the others. You will keep moving forward to different rooms in the story and the problems do get a bit more tricky all the time.

It a way its a very social game since its so much interaction with the other persons that Sigma is stuck with. It´s always a choice between stabbing someone in the back or trusting each other to move forward. Its basicly the bad trust between players that gives you point reductions and in the end that will kill you. If your point balance gets to low it will be game over.

The graphics of the game are good. You surely enjoy the them and its important for the game since its so much about the relationships you build with the other players. To see there faces and bodies feels important to enjoy the game.

Overall we wanna give this game two tums up. We really enjoyed it and its of those games where you play for long stretches and keep thinking about the game even when you are not playing it. It gets very intense to put it simple. This of course is something positivie and its a perfect game to start off with on a long flight somewhere. Surely that trip will feel like one of the shortest that you have made.